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Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Hasenpflug

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One of the biggest Mysteries of World History is now solved!

The Indus Civilization - existing from about 3000 until 1700 BC in today's India and Pakistan - has been the largest known empire of early ancient times. It has been not only larger than those times Sumeria, Egypt, China etc., with what it has been in more or less intensive economic and cultural contact, it also has been standing on the top of the development of the world's culture and civilization. The Indus Civilization created the most advanced cities of those times, build on huge artifical platforms with fortifications made from millions of standardized high quality bricks, and equipped with far developed hygienic water systems, following 'perfect' building plans. The arts, trade, crafts, and agriculture were highly developed. But the Indus Civilization was less known until now because of the illegibility of its sophisticate hieroglyphic inscriptions and thus the lack of extensive information.

Vedic Sanskrit Texts containing amazing extensive Information!

On the basis of the so called 'pictorial bilinguals' - texts escorted by matching animal pictures - it was recently possible to decipher all of the more than 2000 known texts. It was discovered that the script is constructed by syllabics and pictograms, the same like the until today scripts used in East Asia by Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other people. The signs show many similarities to those times Chinese, Persian, Sumerian, Egyptian, and Inner Asian signs. The used language is the well known holy ancient Indian Indo-European language of Vedic Sanskrit, the 'Latin of India'. The texts give innumerable information on the world view of the Indus empire's state leaders, on the social life, religion, international conflicts, warfare, economy, linguistics etc.

5000 Years of cultural Continuity!

The Indus inscriptions are an invalueable treasure of information on the 'original' Indo-European and world civilization. Experts of many fields, lovers of the concerned nations, of history and culture will find here an exciting reading matter. The people of today India and Pakistan can be proud on their cultural heritage! In fact the Indus Civilization has not disappeared, but it was setting the great starting point for their civilizations as has been existing until today. Especially the great Indian civilization is in straight line the descendand of the Indus Civilization and its achievements. A huge part of today's Indian culture and identity has its glorious origin in the Indus Civilization: languages, myths, religion, social and cultural life, crafts, traditions etc. It is easy now to read for everyone the around 4500 years old original texts from the beginnings of the Indian and world civilization. To read this is a great experience for sure - not only, but especially, for everyone who likes India.

Further, the original Texts of the Indus Civilization give Answers as well about:
  • the beginning of global civilization
  • the rise and the historic basis of urban societies
  • the historic basis of traditions like the Vedas
  • the reason for the invention of writing
  • the meaning of metaphors in ancient and modern languages
  • the meaning and origin of worldwide symbols used up to now

Indus Civilization

The book is laid out in a consequential, objective and non-selective, logical and scientific method, but with high-grade understandability. The fantastic utopias of some authors in the past are strictly rejected here by the inscriptions themselves. But the reality is much more amazing.
The book is produced in high quality, size A4, 408 pages, paperback, and with many illustrations. Content: deciphering, deciphering manuscript with depicted original texts, analysis of the contents.

Basic Works done by Asko Parpola:
  • professor em. University of Helsinki, Finland
  • 'recognized expert' on the Indus script
  • published several works on the Indus script
The Decipherer Kurt Schildmann:
  • studied several ancient and modern languages in several European and Asian countries
  • studied Avesta in Persia and Sanskrit in India for some years
  • worked as a linguist at the German ministry of defense for three decades
The Analyst and Author Rainer Hasenpflug:
  • graduate engineer of architecture and town building
  • researched for some years at the 'German Research Project Mohenjo Daro' at the Technical University of Aachen on the Indus Civilization